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REDEMPTION (REduced Dimension Ensemble Modeling and Parameter estimaTION) is a MATLAB toolbox for the identification of parameters and parameter ensembles of ODE models from time-series data. The toolbox is based on incremental parameter estimation (IPE) and integrated flux parameter estimation (IFPE) methods [1-3], in which the data fitting (parameter estimation) problem is formulated as a nested optimization of reduced dimension. REDEMPTION provides a user-friendly interface for model description (using Power-law, Lin-log kinetics or from SBML format), parameter estimation, ensemble modelling and visualization of results. For computational speed-up, the toolbox also offers a parallelization option using MATLAB Parallel Computing Toolbox. Please cite [4] if you use this toolbox.

Created by: Liu Yang

Designed by: Liu Yang and Rudiyanto Gunawan

Required MATLAB toolboxes

Recommended third-party MATLAB toolboxes

REDEMPTION was implemented and tested on MATLAB 2012a platform.

Last Update, Download & Installation

Current version: 07.08.2015

Download & unzip the (ZIP, 6.1 MB) file.

We welcome suggestions for additional features that you would like to see on REDEMPTION.


Redistribution and use in P-code form is permitted provided agreeing to the License (TXT, 2 KB).


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This work is supported by funding from Swiss National Science Foundation.

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